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Meet my gorgeous friends!

Suki Lee

A sweet and seductive British Chinese natural beauty. Suki is a glowing, youthful companion, offering a wholesome girlfriend experience, as well as kinkier encounters. Surrender to her sensual touch and innocent charm.


Imara Noir

Imara is a Canadian muse with a charm that transcends borders and captivates hearts. Blessed with unique features, long legs, and an innate ability to ignite passion she will be sure to entice you with her luscious curves, alluring gaze, and quick wit. She is the perfect companion whether you are looking for a night out in the company of a head turning enchantress or a lustful evening behind closed doors.


Jessika Joyce 

Jessika Joyce is an independent escort in London, with a body built for the sweetest sins. Upon first glance, you will be captivated by her curves and entranced by her eyes. Jessika can be your passionate, attentive and adventurous girlfriend or wickedly sensual yet stern mistress. Pick your poison.

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Daisy Hunter

Daisy is a modern-day muse; a free spirit inspiring decadent adventures full of laughter and lust. Her golden locks and large emerald eyes add to her elegant appearance which is refined and effortlessly stylish. Intelligent, witty and charming Daisy will be hard to say good bye to.

Isla Kitt

Isla can be as sweetly sexy or as sexily strict as you want her to be. Her softly-spoken, sparkling conversation is just as compelling as her beauty. Expect to be transported to new realms of pleasure.


Florence Wilde

Florence is sunshine, personified. Armed with sparkling blue eyes, a softly toned, slender body, bouncing blonde locks and delicate long legs, she will captivate you with her smart quips, sexy charm and beaming smile. London based, Florence loves to chase the sweetest of thrills in the city and beyond. So, buckle up. Let's go on a Wilde ride.

Elle Stone

Sensual, intuitive and intoxicating, Elle is a decadent and heady concoction, that will leave you with the most delicious aftertaste and a thirst for more. Her depth and intelligence means she always creates the most perfectly delicious experience, that you didn’t even know you needed! Dive deeply into her sensuality, creativity and power and you may never want to leave..


Sadie Scott

High cheekbones and low cut tops, if her blue eyes don’t cut right through you, her wit certainly will. A master flirt and unapologetic in her desire, in short, Sadie’s someone who’s fun to have around and even harder not to.

 Annie Lilja 

Annie Lilja is a Scandinavian natural redhead who specialises in GFE and submission. With a fresh, freckled face, soft curves and an insatiable appetite for kinky adventures, she’s your perfect London & worldwide companion


Grace Gardiner

Flexible in body and virtue, Grace has a heart of gold and might appear angelic on the outside, but (barely) contained behind a mischievous grin is a quick-witted hedonist with a thirst for exciting experiences. 

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