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I identify as a dominatrix who embraces sensuality, but that doesn't imply leniency on my part. My ultimate desire is to assert complete authority over your thoughts, physical being, and pleasure, utilizing you for my own satisfaction. I take great pleasure in engaging in the practice of tying and teasing my submissives, leading them to the precipice of ecstasy, where they are torn between pleading for respite or craving further stimulation.

Below are the services I offer but if there is anything not listed please do email me and ask.

I cater to all ages, sexual identities, cultures, religions, genders, shapes and sizes.

Enjoy me either stretching your seasoned or virgin arsehole with my beautiful strap on. I will also welcome subs to worship my strap on with your filthy mouth. 

Nurturing and Gentle Role Play
Are you looking to be dominated and nurtured by mummy? This has now become one of my favourite role plays to offer in a session. 

Impact play
Spanking, slapping, whipping, flogging, paddling and caning. I can either let you leave as you arrive or cover you in marks to remember me by. 

Tie, Tease & Denial
My favourite of my services. The tensions will rise as you are edged to the point of begging for your Goddess to take you over the edge. 

Bondage and Restraints
Let your Goddess restrain you so you are only able to listen to words whilst your body must remain still and restricted. 

Foot/High Heel/Stocking Worship
I absolutely adore my feet to be worshipped by my subs. I either offer a chance for you to wash them yourself before you worship them or you will get them smelly and sweaty in your face and throat. 

Chastity & Key Holding
I have the key and I'm not giving it up - you're Mine now. Your tiny dick will swell against the steel of the chastity cage for your Goddess.

Financial Domination
You only exist to pay for my lifestyle. Shower Me with gifts and show your Goddess how much you adore her. Pay My bills and you could become somewhat important to me? I bet you would like to do something worthwhile for once and your life to have SOME value finally?



Sensual Dominatrix

My limits


Below are my hard limits and I expect you to respect mine as I will always respect yours.


You do not have consent to touch me unless I give you permission to do so.


Should you want to, you may ask. If you cannot control yourself, the session will end and you will be dismissed immediately.


Safe words and hard limits are respected. This will be discussed prior to our meeting or at the start of our session.


I do not offer racial abuse or race play sessions


Every scenario is different, so outside of these hard limits, do not be afraid to ask. 

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